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International string quartet course at Nussdorf/Inn

Monday July 29 -  Saturday August 3, 2019


KAMMERMUSIKTAGE  INNTAL (ChamberMusicDays "Inntal") - that means an annual international string quartet course for 6 days in a little picturesque village in southern Bavaria (South Germany) near the border of Austria, always happened in the first week in august. 


This course is designed for advanced amateur and musicians – both individuals and pre-formed groups – with many experience in playing chamber music but also for professional musicians and students; it includes no less than 8 teaching units of 90 minutes, each.



Pre-formed groups can choose their own program.


Classes will be taught by professional teachers in rooms provided by the local council of Nussdorf and are under the guidance of the members of "Diogenes Quartet", one of the most famous young string quartets in Germany. During the workshops Diogenes Quartet explore the artistry of playing as a string quartet, as well as the highly diverse means of expression and communication offered by chamber music.

Each ensemble will have a rehearsal room at its own disposal during the whole course and will be tutored in their groups by one of the coaches. In addition, the coaches will rotate during the course. So each group will have been tutored by all coaches during the course. The course is international with participants from Japan, USA, Israel, Austria, Swizzerland, Netherlands and Germany.

At the end of the course, participants have the option to perform in one of our baroque churches.

Programs are balanced by plenty of free time. There is full opportunity for musical get-togethers or continued playing and musical 

activities in the evenings. 

The village is located between Munich, Salzburg and Innsbruck and was awarded the title of „The most beautiful village of Europe“ in 2004. Beautiful countryside of Bavaria. 


Of course you come well prepared to the course, of course you enjoy others to be well prepared as well.


Every year the participants enjoy meeting and playing with new and old friends in Nussdorf under the guidance of the world-class faculty of Diogenes Quartet:


".....It is always a most wonderful time to spend with you and all the friends in Nussdorf whom we meet every year and really worth visiting from Tokyo....."


"....I have registered many chamber music courses in my life, but I will notice that the members of Diogenes Quartet are definitely a stroke of luck and I have never had better tutors...."


(the members of Diogenes Quartet - Munich)


Stefan Kirpal - violin

Gundula Kirpal - violin 

Alba González i Becerra - viola

Stephen Ristau - violoncello 


The course fee is € 450,00.

Reasonable priced accommodation, included bed-and-breakfast is avaiable nearby.

For more information, please contact us:

Phone: +49 (0)9123 8091217 or +49(0)151 59411315;

e-mail: info(at)kammermusiktage-inntal.de